Ginger Liu, BA, MFA

Ginger Liu is an American born, English raised visual artist of Chinese and British descent working in and between the gallery and cinema. Liu’s work investigates the intersections of memory, identity and performance in relation to the 21st century portrait in photography and moving image. My work is featured in the British Journal of Photography's Portrait of Britain.

Ginger has lived in Berlin, Chicago and San Francisco and divides her time between Los Angeles, London and Liverpool. As the founder of Ginger Media & Entertainment, she has promoted independent film and art in Hollywood and globally.


I have photographed live art theatre in Los Angeles since 2007, producing thousands of images with more than eight million Flickr views since 2013. I have worked within, developed and promoted independent film in Hollywood since 2008 and have produced content: images and text for numerous publications. In 2013, I developed GLIUSTUDIO and produced portraits, editorial and promotional projects for artists and filmmakers in Hollywood.

As Creative Director, I have collaborated with LGBT, burlesque and cabaret artists in Los Angeles, culminating in the ongoing  GLIUSTUDIO project, Burlewood, which combines images of contemporary and classic Hollywood portraits, live performance and interviews. I spent twelve weeks photographing skateboarders at Venice Skateboard Park in Los Angeles for the project, Jumpers. And I’ve photographed the LGBT community for almost ten years.

My absorption in performance led to her my MFA Photography (2016) self-portrait series, Saudade: American – Look at Me I’m Sandra Dee; a series of composited identities lost in nostalgia and cheated Hollywood dreams. 

The Johanneans 1-4 is a multilayered investigation into my father’s upbringing in Shanghai during the 1920-40s and family life in America in the 1960s; including photographs, video, audio, archives and a travel memoir of a reunion and road trip across China. Dear Noni and John is the reading of more than 100 letters, written from my aunt in Liverpool to my mother in Los Angeles during the 1960s.

My Manchester School of Art MFA Photography (2017) video installation, I Have Lost Myself and Give Me the Key, is a powerful and disturbing compilation from 300+ videos, filmed over 30 days, depicting the raw and honest portrait of living with dementia and the blurring of artist process.

My work has shown at Manchester’s Holden Gallery, Liverpool’s Look International Photography Festival, London’s Photomonth, Los Angeles’s Think Tank and Perfect Exposure Gallery. I’m a contributing editor of New York arts Ragazine and a consultant, writer, and promoter of independent film.

I divide my time between London, Los Angeles, and London and I am the founder of Ginger Media & Entertainment.


M.F.A. Photography (2017) – Manchester School of Art (MMU)

ActUpNorth Actors Workshop (2016 – ongoing)

Arts4Dementia Early-Stage Dementia Awareness Training for Arts Facilitators (2016)

B.A. (Hons) Contemporary Media Practice  – University of Westminster (1994)

B.T.E.C. National Diploma in Photography – Southport College of Art (1990)



Portrait of Britian 2018 - “Noni Waking Up in Her Living Room” Forward by Will Self

Women Cinemakers Biennial Edition 2018 - "I Have Lost Myself"


Hothouse Manchester 2018 - IHLM/GMTK Presentation


Mr Mov 2 Video Arts Festival 2018 - Italy - Give Me the Key

Interference Festival 2017 - Poland - I Have Lost Myself

RichterFest-2017 – Science & Art space – Moscow, Russia - I Have Lost Myself/Give Me the Key


Holden Gallery – Manchester 2017 – MFA Show
Holden Gallery – Manchester 2016 – MA Show
Edinburgh House – Manchester 2016
Accidental Archives – Manchester 2016
ThinkTank Gallery – Los Angeles 2014
Perfect Exposure Gallery: “Monday Night Tease Retrospective.” 2013. Los Angeles.
Look11 Liverpool International Photography Festival. 2011. “Hollywood.”
The Assembly Rooms London: “Strange Bedfellows.” 2010 – London Art Fairs and East London’s Photomonth Festival.
New Puppy Gallery Los Angeles: “Framed Stories.” 2010.
DRKRM Gallery Los Angeles: “The Last Picture Show.” 2009.
Finalist Federation of European Photographers. 2012. Lyon.
Silver Winner of the London Photographic Association Portraiture ‘The Nude 2’ competition.