I said goodbye to my girl Triny today

Today I said goodbye to my friend of 14 years. My beautiful Triny. She was born in Chicago with her brother. She took a plane with me to San Francisco. She drove with me down to Los Angeles, where the sun was brighter and the apartment was smaller. She took a plane to London before driving up to the north west. Here, she bossed everyone around and was by my side, always. Often, I preferred my cats company to humans. She and her brother were my family. She loved, she bossed the other cats around, she chirped like a bird, she licked my hair, she meowed whenever she saw me, she traveled the world with me but most of all, she thought of me as her mummy and she wanted to be with me and me only. She was my girl. I am heartbroken. The house is empty without her. Goodbye Triny. I love you and miss you. xxxx 15 October 2018.