I am an Arts4Dementia arts facilitator trained in Early-Stage Dementia Awareness Training for Arts Facilitators.

I use photography, audio and video as memory devices for people with dementia in care or at home. My workshops provide training in using photography and prints as memory aids and as sparks for family and friendship communication. Audio or video is used to interview people with dementia and record their memories for family and friends.

My mother died last year from dementia. She was 87 years old and she maintained her sense of humor to the end. I became her full time carer and lived with her and provided care and activities to keep her motivated in her own home. Throughout her last months, I recorded our time together with me behind the still, video or smartphone camera and used audio to record the life going on outside while we remained at home. Her mobility was getting worse but I still managed to take her to the pub across the road. It wasn’t easy looking after her but now that she is no longer here, I miss caring for her. I do not miss her dementia. I miss my mother.

For information on workshops, care or home visits - photography@gingerliu.com

Ginger Liu, BA. MFA.